Silver Dragon

Life is weird sometimes

Today I learned that an old college friend of mine is engaged (expected) and at Fermilab (unexpected).

Also, I have a 5:45 AM flight tomorrow to Ft. Myers. Visiting family for T-day.
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Slightly messy day

It's been a day of ups and downs.
  • Up: bought a Roomba. It may become the office pet. :P
  • Down: Car battery died. Had to have AAA come out and replace it.
  • Up: Sinfest plot arc with demon-girl falling in love with nerd is damn funny.
  • Down: Didn't use quite enough water in the stew.
  • Up: Still smells great.
So decent, but not spectacular day.
Silver Dragon


I've made travel plans to fly back to Michigan on November 12 and return to Kansas City on the 15th. Con Ja Nai, here I come!
Silver Dragon

Bachelor Living

Dear sweet root. What have I become?

I've been debating spending priorities. I want to go back to Michigan for Con Ja Nai. I'm also debating about buying furniture. Specifically, I need a new table and chairs, a new desk chair, and a new bed. Can't afford the new bed this month, and a really good desk chair (read: Aeron) would run me nearly $700, but I can probably do the table and chairs for $300-$400.

Thus is my bachelor lifestyle. At least I always have booze money. To wit

(11:44:36 PM) VRMN: your bachelor life confuses and disturbs me

Silver Dragon

My life is weird

So I was walking to my favorite hangout-with-booze last night. It was a bit chilly, nothing major. On the last street crossing before the warm refuge, I hear something from two random guys that I actually recognize. Noise falls away for an instant.


I stop and just look at them for a second. Once more it sticks out of their conversation like an iceberg.


I suppress a shudder, and beeline for the bar. Muttering about the Pnakotic Manuscripts.

It's a new level of weird for Westport.
Silver Dragon


Despite being sick Friday, I survived AWA, and had a blast. I even came back with some solid concepts and a will to edit.

Also, mirkdoll totally got taken out by a spy.